But studies show that creating an extensive vocabulary can help students better articulate ideas in a more engaging way without relying on repetitive words. Please take Cornell notes on these words and write down any examples that will help you to remember their meaning. Although the context will grant students a better understanding of the term’s definition, these questions often require students to know the alternative meaning of relatively familiar words. Here are some SAT vocabulary words that high school students can expect to see in 2020. The Critical Reading Section of the SAT has both a reading comprehension component and an SAT vocabulary component. It helps very much to master new words precisely. Each word has examples and contexts. For these types of questions, it will be helpful to know the definitions of common SAT vocabulary words like the ones listed above. Read on to discover why vocabulary remains an important factor in SAT prep, along with the 100 words you should know to raise your scores. When preparing for the SAT, high school students are fully aware of the challenge rapidly approaching, and the hard work it entails. With so much riding on securing an impressive SAT score, college-bound students must harness all the skills in his or her toolkit such as revisiting essential math formulas, reviewing helpful test-taking strategies, and updating vocabulary repertoire. For these types of questions, students will read a passage and a word to focus on. Studying SAT vocab is a confusing topic for most students. 2 Upcoming SAT exam Dates Dec 2014 to Jun 2015 [ SAT Upd. List of vocabulary words to know for both the multiple-choice writing and passage-based reading portions of the redesigned SAT (2016 and on). By expanding vocabulary prowess, students can complete the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT with more confidence. The SAT underwent some changes back in 2016, placing less emphasis on vocabulary-based questions. If you think you need to memorize a list of 2,000 SAT vocab words you found on the internet, stop right there. Here is a list of 20 vocabulary words to study for the upcoming SAT exam! abate. Start studying 2020 SSAT Vocabulary. But here at The Princeton Review we know that students with a strong vocabulary tend to get better SAT scores. It pays dividends in terms of your final SAT score, but more importantly, it makes you a more educated person. Remember - work on vocabulary is never a waste of time. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 5 Using This Guide 5 How the SAT Is Organized 6 How the SAT Is Scored 6 If You Need Testing Accommodations 7 The SAT Questionnaire 7 Sending Scores 7 Connect to Opportunities in Higher Education 8 Student Search Service 9 Fee Waiver Benefits for Income-Eligible Students 9 Practice for the SAT There will be an A-Z of US Election vocabulary that covers the key election vocabulary. deviation, not normal. size, amount, location. Test-Taking Information. Spring is testing season. Contents. It can be an exhausting and stressful time for them. The second type of question requires students to select a word or phrase to paraphrase or clarify a part of a given passage. Practice Answer a few questions on each word. SAT Vocabulary study guides & materials. Moreover, students with strong vocabularies tend to earn higher scores than those with average or middling skills in this area. abdicate (v.) to give up a position, usually one of leadership (When he realized that the It's unclear how many words you should memorize, which words to learn, and how to actually memorize these words without wasting time. These words are targeted for SAT test prep, but other tests, such as the GRE and GMAT, use the same collegiate words. If you don’t know the definitions of the words, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage in this section! Use Test-Guide.com's SAT practice tests to score your highest. 3. politics and tradition. We’ve provided the following 200 words completely free for you to use. According to a Princeton Review article, the SAT contains around 10 to 15 words that are unfamiliar to the average student. This hot SAT words list is selected from mainstream English medium and based on popular topics of 2020, which is an express supplement to enhance SAT vocabulary skills.